Monday, November 29, 2010

Its Christmas Time!

For the first time, Elliott has been aware of Christmas.
Sure, its always pretty hard to miss the decorations that go up in the shopping centres in October, but until this year, she didnt really get it at all.
So Shes making up for the 3 Christmas' worth of Joy she missed!
For atleast a couple of weeks, Elliott has been begging for us to "put Christmas Time up at our house" and though I've always thought that was left for the 1st of Dec, I gave in and we set up the tree on Friday.
So now, it is officially Christmas Time!

And I've taken up some Seasonal Sewing!
Firstly, heres a look at the Stockings I put together for our family. They are still awaiting names.

Next up will be the Advent Calendar! (Yes, I do realise i am cutting in fine!)

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