Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top 5 things to DIY in the Kitchen

I should have been a houswife in the 50's, or maybe even before then!
I love making my own sauces,  jams, etc!

So for a quick post, here is my Top Five list of things you really should try DIY-ing!

1.Make your own Pasta sauce - Soo so easy. Grab a bag tomatos off the clearance, or grow your own, add some herbs and seasoning, and your set!

2.Make Your own Jam - Even if you only do it now and then, It is soo much yummier than store bought and a great way to use up fruit. You can also control the amount of sugar thats in it, which is always a bonus!

3.Pizaa Bases and Bread - Ok so i mostly buy bread, but homemade bread is a nice treat! Pizza Bases, however, are always homemade in this house. So cheap, so easy, and again, really delicious!

4.Grow your own herbs and vegetables- Fresh herbs on hand - whats not to love? Try Basil, Thyme and maybe some Parsley. We've only had minimal success with some types of vegetable , but beans, spring onions and strawberries are normally good options to start off with. Our Lettuce has definitely been a good addition to our little vegie garden.

5. Pasta - No, I am not anti- bought pasta, but since i find it fun to make my own pasta, i challenge you to try it! I rarely by lasagne sheets anymore, and have even started hiding vegies IN the pasta!

These Lasagne Sheets have Spinach in them!