Sunday, August 10, 2014

the Unwanted Compliment - Size Doesn't Matter

I have never been concerned with my weight or size. As a teen, I fretted about my hair and my clothes, but never my size. Even at my heaviest, with my fifth child, I never worried about my weight or about losing it.

However, when someone calls it into question, it concerns me.

"You're so skinny"
"you don't look like you've had five kids"

They seem like innocent compliments, so why do they frustrate me so?
Because the real reason the person is pointing out my size is because they are unhappy with their own; because I am more than my weight; and because while the majority of women will fall over themselves to defend when a 'plus size' woman is pulled up on her weight, there is no one standing up for all the others.

I teach my daughters about health - healthy eating, nutrients, exercise. We don't use the words skinny, thin, overweight, fat, obese, out of shape. We talk about giving your body what it needs, and not too much (but definitely some) of the empty foods.

Pointing out someone else's size or shape highlights how you feel about yourself, and where your priorities lay.
People are beautiful, intelligent, eclectic and individual. Each and every one has so much to offer - and I'm more interested in that!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I do life, with little people.

{A disregard for modern parenting trends}

I don't do attatchment parenting - I cuddle my baby when he needs it, I use my ergo to keep my hands free.

I don't do co-sleeping - sometimes my bub ends up in my bed all night, so we both get sleep

I don't do routines - I feed/sleep/shower/breathe when it needs to be done, and when life allows.

I don't do sleep training - sometimes the baby needs to cry, sometimes he needs a cuddle to sleep.

I don't do baby led weaning - I do whatever gets the food in, and keeps me and him happy!

I don't "dream feed"

I don't follow a book

I just do life with little people.
Little people who are unpredictable, temperamental, volatile and needy.
Little people who don't get the world's urgency, or need to rush.
Little people who just want to share this new crazy world with me, even if that isn't on the to do list.
Little people who don't care about your bragging rights.
And that's ok.

I just do life with little people the way it works for me, without labels or competition.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everything I wanted and a whole lot more {Unwanted Advice, and a few insults to boot}

I've had it with the people who think they have the right to weigh in on every aspect of someone else's life. My Life. 
Apparently, how often i clean my house, to the food i feed my children, and even  the fact that i have the number of children i have, is everybodys business, and nobody hesitates to have an opionion about it! -

I've been called a messy housekeeper {yes, well with 4 little tornadoes running around my feet, i think i do a mighty fine job to keep the clothes washed, and the kitchen tidy) 

Apparently my daughter wears old daggy pajamas and needs new ones (depsite the fact that she literally has +10 pairs of winter pjs all in decent condition....and last time i checked, she wasnt making any midnight appearances on a catwalk)

My husband takes sick day that he doesn't need (because everyone else knows how he's feeling!)

My son eats too much and i need to watch how much hes eating ( Um, children can self moderate their food intake better than most adults...its always healthy, and he's a growing boy!)

My daughter stutters because she doesn't get enough attention (not at all because shes rushing to get her words out because shes so darn excited)

I'm too young to have 4 kids (Last time i checked, a 12yr old can have a not really a valid point on the physical front, and as for "ready" or not.....thats my decision not yours!)

I shouldn't let me kids eat morning tea in the lounge room (Well if i have to vacuum afterwards, then that's the price i pay to have them actually eat, and for me to clean up the kitchen!)

I need to do this, I shouldnt do that, I do this wrong, I'm not doing that.....


So thankyou, all you well meaning strangers and relatives.
Thankyou for your expertise on me and my family.

Please dont be offended (or do!) when I tell you to keep it to yourself!

You're not "trying to help". If you were, you'd be encouraging me, and supporting me.
Not tearing me to shreds.

{Free} Bumper Holiday Fun Week


Holidays means 5 days a week at home with all 4 kids. I don't know about you, but in this household, that calls for some serious 'fun' planning, to keep everyone sane! With the age range of almost 5 down to just one, entertaining all the kids can be a struggle. This week, we've manage to find activities that for the most part, included all 4 kids. I am endeavouring to make the most of all the free holiday activities available to us here in Brisbane, and i thought i'd share them with you!

On Monday, we were in Toowoomba, but still manage to make it down to the shopping centre to see The Lorax stage show. This consisted of two female dancers, in what was apparently a school yard class, taught by The Lorax. All in all, it was pretty much an environmental plug, with some dance music in between. "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" (yep, catchy!) While i was a little disappointed with the show, the girls loved it!It runs all week at 10.30am daily, and a meet and greet at 11.30am. If you happen to be in Toowoomba, you could stop by to check it out!

On Tuesday, we had a home day...a very wet outside home day. So we got out the paints and collage and made a picture together. It started as a sunny picture, with flowers and rainbows...but the girls added some rain, and some 'splats'. I was surprised by how well they worked together, and the lack of fighting that ensued! Parker happily entertained himself with his sisters dolls, until it was his sleep time, but hopefully, next time, he can join in too!

Wednesday, and another wet day! We chose to go along to Toowong Village today, and join in with their ABC activity village. The girls were able to pick a pre-printed canvas picture to colour in with textas, and they had Mister Maker running on a TV. There were also books to read, which was more appealing to Zoey than actually colouring!
We extended our outing by stopping for morning tea, and then popping in to Kmart to browse the toys, all ready for the toy sale to start tomorrow! I must say, i think this was the most enjoyable activity of the day for both me and the kids!

Thursday, we had a few odd jobs to do out, which coincided nicely with our outing to catch 'Wide Eyed Stories' at the Mount Ommaney Library. The show, which included puppets, was loved by all four of the kids, and was quite interactive. The girls love the little rhyme type clapping song, and the stories that they performed were great.

Tomorrow marks the end of our bumper holiday week, with a trip to check out "Wild Thing" at the Ipswich museum on Friday! The 'Wild Thing' Party runs all this week, 9am-12 noon, and its free! The Wild Thing playful experience, however, is at the museum until the 7 Oct.

 If anyone knows of activites going on next week, we'd love to hear about it, but i think we'll be taking a lower key approach to entertainment in the second week of the holidays!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Photo - A - Day Challenge} - Morning & Water

Today I went for a jog. Its the first time that i have gone running since i had the kids ( which if you know me, is as many years!)

It felt good!
Good to get up when the world is still sleeping
Good to have time to myself
Good to feel the cool on my face and heat burning in my muscles.


And I plan to do it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Monday, January 16, 2012

{Photo - A - Day Challenge} - Happiness

Look at those faces! 

{Photo - A - Day Challenge} - Something I'm Reading

Does the fact that there is no book in sight, and that i'm reading a wine bottle give you a glimpse at the stress level of my life at the moment:?