Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kids in The Kitchen!

I dont know about you but my girls LOVE getting under my feet, i mean helping,  when i'm cooking!
I love that they are so interested, and it can be so much fun making things together. Everything from stirring the white sauce, to cutting out biscuit shapes - They'll take anything!
So i thought i'd share our favourite thing to make in the kitchen together!

Smoothies -made from yoghurt, juice and chopped fruit, The girls love to pour things in to the blender, and turn it on to watch it all blend together!
We also love to pour these into an ice block mold and pop in the freezer for a yummy dessert!

Cupcakes - Who doesnt love cupcakes? The girls mostly get their hands dirty, literally, with licking the bowl, but they also help measure ingredients, pour and mix! And if we're lucky they'll last long enough to get icing on top too!  For an easy recipe pop over to Busy Brissy Mum!

Biscuits - Sometimes i make a Basic Bikky Dough and  let the girls loose with their imaginations and the cookie cutters. Much like they would with playdough, they love to make different shapes freehand (like balls, and people), and Elliott makes a good attempt at using the cutters!

Pinwheels - Simply spread some sauce and sprinkle some cheese onto a sheet of puff pastry, roll and slice! In the oven for 10mins, and they make for a perfect morning tea or lunch.
You can add whatever else you like, too! Maybe some grated carrot or ham.

Pizza - We LOVE homemade pizza at our house, and almost as much as eating it, the girls love to help make it!
I normally make the dough up myself, but am sometimes helped by E. The best part is spreading the sauce and sprinkling all the yummy toppings!
My usual recipe for dough can be found HERE but if you're after a quick simple recipe, I like to use the one that came with my daughters mini Kenwood mixer:


100gram Self Raising Flour
25g Margarine
60mls (4tblsp) Milk
4 Tblsp tomato sauce
1/2 teaspoon mixed herbs
25g grated cheese

1. Preheat oven to 180
2. Mix clour and margarine until they resemble breadcrumbs.
3. add milk and mix with a spatula to form a firm dough
4.Divide in 2 and roll out each peice into a circle about 13cm across.
5. Spread with sauce, spinkle with cheese and herbs
6. Bake for 10 mins, or until cheese is melted.
What do your kids like to help with in the kitchen?

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