Friday, August 27, 2010

Five For Friday - Things That Made Me Smile

So Friday is here again, and what has had me smiling??

1. Birthday cake - Just tonight we had cake for my nephew, made by my very clever sister! It was very yummy! and It was also great to hang out with 2 of my sisters and the truck load of kids that we have between us.

2. Finance - Yes, its been approved, and in two weeks time, i'm sure the house will make it onto the list again when we settle!

3. "Etta" - It was Zo who first pronounce Elliott as Etta, and today, Bronte followed suit, making that her 5th official word!

4. Brunch - My sister ER babysat the girls on Thurs, so i could go with Tim to the hospital for what was supposed to be getting the screw out of his ankle (that part didnt make me smile!). Since the appt was over and done with so quickly, Tim and I went out for brunch, and it was so lovely to sit, and drink a HOT coffee, and chat!

5. Codiene and a heat pack- I've been getting a fair few migraines this week, and i must say that anything that will take them away will have me grimacing a little less, if not smiling

Pop on over to Aspiring Mums link up, and share whats made you smile this week!

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  1. I hope your migraines have improved. Glad you were able to spend some time with Tim - without the kiddies. (Even if it's only a short time, it's always nice!) Look forward to hearing more about your house. Thanks for joining in!