Monday, February 8, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

I came across "Muffin Tin Monday" while browsing through some blogs, and thought it was a great idea to spice up meal time for my girls.
It just happened to be Monday, so the girls had their first muffin tin meal today. I decided to make it Brunch, since they had a light breakfast and were headed for an early nap!
Though there wasn't a set theme this week, i opted for a 1-6 theme.
Their trays today consisted of ...
1. Bowl of pasta sauce for dipping 2. Pikelets with jam 3. Slices of Rockmelon 
4. Pieces of cheese/carrot 5. Herb Bread sticks and 6. Crackers. 

Elliott was most impressed with the very ordered display of food! She asked if we could have dinner like this!


  1. I was browsing all the blogs last night too and was very excited to do it today. Yours look really yummy. No wonder Elliott enjoyed. The same with my daughter!

  2. I'm glad it went over well! My daughter, Maddie, always gets SO excited when she gets to eat out of a tin. And, she will always eat a more diverse amount of food when it's presented in the tin. Funny, huh?

    Great tin!

  3. Welcome to the Muffin Tin Monday! It's alot of fun! Your tins look nice & healthy! :)

  4. My son loves eating out of a tin so much that we do it a couple times a week. Nice tin. Welcome!

  5. Yes, be prepared for multiple requests for meal tins lol. Once we did one my ds wants ALL his food in a tin. :) Great job!

  6. Welcome! OK, perhaps I am a bit dense, but what are pikelets? Just curious, though anything with jam is wonderful, I'm sure!

  7. Welcome! Great tins! My kids would eat every meal this way!

  8. I love how the bread is stacked to look like a X's in that one tray. Great trays!

  9. Your tin looks great, what a great selection:0)

    Emily eats so much better out of a muffin tin, I am amazed that I cab give her all that food and she actually eats it...we love MTM!!

  10. Yay! What a fun first tin, and how great that Elliott loved it!

  11. Thanks girls for the comments.
    I'm really excited for next Monday lol!!
    Am looking forward to checking out everyone elses tins too!

  12. I absolutely love this idea. I've been putting morning teas and afternoon teas into separate containers for ages because I think it's fun and interesting but I've never seen the muffin tin idea. That's so great! I'm going to have to do it for my girls too.

    PS Love your blog my friend!