Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We'll be buying a house soon! Its been a long time coming, as the agreement to buy this particular house from my parents was made almost a year ago, i think!! Its taken awhile for a number of reasons, but finally, we're moving into! (We'll be renting it until everything's organised and the sale goes through).
So with packing on the go, so is culling! I never realised how much stuff accumulates in a short period of time. We've only lived in this house for 13 months and yet, there is so much to get rid of!

So over the next little while, I've decided to blog about the moving, the buying and then the renovating of our house, known as Hillview.

Today I've managed to clean out the pantry!
Who needs 2 boxes of GF breadmix, 1 box of GF flour, Gluten replacement, 3 quarter full packets of flour, a mostly empty honey jar, and a bottle of sauce that is 6 months past its used by date?

Well apparently, ME!

This is what i found on the very top shelf of our pantry! I'm almost embarrassed to write such things!
Good thing we're moving so all of those places that never get looked at, well, will get looked at!!

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