Thursday, February 18, 2010

I remember my own mother saying how she has always prayed that she would be the best mother she could be, and when she fell short (which we all do) that God would fill the gap. Even at the time, way before i had or was thinking about having children, i was impressed by the wisdom of her prayer, but now, i see that it is the only thing a mother can do!
I am not perfect, and I am not the sort of mother my children deserve. I yell, I lose my temper, and I overreact. It pains me to think of the amount of times i fail my children, and fall short of what they need, but i know, that i am doing the best i can. I am learning, and trying, and loving them. And that is all i can do, All i am expected to do. God knows my heart, and he fills the gap for me.
What a wonderful Father we have!

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  1. That is so true! I feel awful sometimes with the way I've treated my kids. We try hard to be the perfect mom but fall short a lot of the time. Thanks for this little bit of inspiration!