Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everything I wanted and a whole lot more {Unwanted Advice, and a few insults to boot}

I've had it with the people who think they have the right to weigh in on every aspect of someone else's life. My Life. 
Apparently, how often i clean my house, to the food i feed my children, and even  the fact that i have the number of children i have, is everybodys business, and nobody hesitates to have an opionion about it! -

I've been called a messy housekeeper {yes, well with 4 little tornadoes running around my feet, i think i do a mighty fine job to keep the clothes washed, and the kitchen tidy) 

Apparently my daughter wears old daggy pajamas and needs new ones (depsite the fact that she literally has +10 pairs of winter pjs all in decent condition....and last time i checked, she wasnt making any midnight appearances on a catwalk)

My husband takes sick day that he doesn't need (because everyone else knows how he's feeling!)

My son eats too much and i need to watch how much hes eating ( Um, children can self moderate their food intake better than most adults...its always healthy, and he's a growing boy!)

My daughter stutters because she doesn't get enough attention (not at all because shes rushing to get her words out because shes so darn excited)

I'm too young to have 4 kids (Last time i checked, a 12yr old can have a not really a valid point on the physical front, and as for "ready" or not.....thats my decision not yours!)

I shouldn't let me kids eat morning tea in the lounge room (Well if i have to vacuum afterwards, then that's the price i pay to have them actually eat, and for me to clean up the kitchen!)

I need to do this, I shouldnt do that, I do this wrong, I'm not doing that.....


So thankyou, all you well meaning strangers and relatives.
Thankyou for your expertise on me and my family.

Please dont be offended (or do!) when I tell you to keep it to yourself!

You're not "trying to help". If you were, you'd be encouraging me, and supporting me.
Not tearing me to shreds.


  1. Well said. I have a 2yr old, a 1yr old and am now 'showing' my 3rd pregnancy... ppl are just starting to comment. I just want to tell them to SHUT UP!

  2. It's amazing how quick people are to judge and criticise rather than encourage. I've always been given "advice" by someone in my family....the ironic thing is, she's always getting her children looked after by other people, so I don't think she's one to comment! It's frustrating isn't it.