Friday, July 15, 2011

A little Project - hairband holder

My girls have recently aquired quite a collection of cute little hairbands.
I fell in love with them when i was lucky enough to win a couple of sets on a friends blog, Busy Brissy Mum. She now has a little Facebook business and i can't help myself!
I do find, however, that i had nowhere to store the bands that was accessible, orderly and well, pretty!
'Little Piggies' from Ruby Jean

I happened to have a blank plaque hanging around in my craft stuff. So after a little bit of pasting and nailing, I now have a pretty answer for my problem. I still plan to do something with the middle of the plaque (unless i fill it up with more bands before i get a chance!)

(Yes, there are a couple missing. My girls won't go anywhere without wearing them!)

Forgive the wall paper...its going eventually!


  1. Wow, I just came across this. At first I thought that someone was making the same hair ties as me and then I realised. He he he.... What a great idea! You are so creative Hannah. If you don't mind I'll link this to my site.

  2. Thanks Amanda! My girls have already been hassling me to get more sets, so i may have to add new hooks! Having 3 girls has it perks...I get to buy lots of pretty things like these!