Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Organised- Meal Planning

Recently I have stumbled across a number of websites/blogs all about organisation in the house and home. One of my favourites is Super Organised Mum. Jade is mum to 2 boys, and seems to be THE most organised person alive. She shares her tips and love for all thing organisational in a very helpful blog.

With the addition of number 4 ( making 6 all up), our house is desperately in need of some new routines and organisation to keep us all sane. I've been attempting to take on some of Jade's ideas to make our household run a little smoother, and one of my favourites has to be from a recent post, sharing her "To Do List" and "Meal Planning" setup. (You can see the original posts Here.)

I loved her clipboards and planners so much that i just had to make my own, so here is my very own clipboard and my Meal Planner for this week (next weeks is on the reverse side, ready to go!).

Before I did our grocery shop, I planned out what meals i wanted to have for the fortnight, to make sure i got the ingredients. I did forget a couple (oops!) so I have written in the 'grocery list' section the items i still need to get, or that we run out of during the week.
This clipboard has pride of place above our dishwasher, so both Tim and I can clearly see what is for dinner, and also, jot down anything that is getting low or empty.

Be sure to check out Jade's blog for more great ideas, and if you're interested, below are a couple more great pages for tips and ideas to help with house organisation, food budgeting and cleaning:

The Organised Houswife

Stay At Home Mum- The Secret to Living On one Wage

Once A Month Mom 

Do you have any useful tips or tricks for staying organised around the home? 


  1. Looks great! What toppings do you use on your pizza - that the kids eat?!

  2. My girls like beef mince, and pineapple with cheese. They'll also let me add grated carrot, sometime olives and ham/salami/pepperoni.
    We sometimes use chicken instead of mince.

    I also like to make sauce using diced tomatoes to add more veges to it, and have added sweet potato mash to that before without being discovered.