Friday, June 4, 2010

Thinking Party Themes....

My baby is 10 months old today, and while you make think i'm crazy, i REALLY need to decide on a theme!

I love birthday themes. Not only because it creates a cake challenge for me but i love to make things pretty.

I've been googling away and trying to get an idea for a theme for little Bronte's birthday, and there are just too many good ideas.
See Elliott and Zoey were both "into" something when they turned one. (Elliott had Wiggles and the girls had a combined "In the night Garden" when Zo turned 1) But little Miss Bronte loves everything and nothing specific!!

I am loving the Rainbow themes i've found, but there are so so many others that i cant choose!
I've found Ladybugs, Cupcakes, Lollipops, Sweet shop, Bumble Bee's, and more!

As this is the last of the first birthdays, i really want to pick a great theme!


  1. Sweet shop is a good idea - because she is so sweet. And then you could have cupcakes & lollipops in it too.

  2. I'm thinking a Rainbow/Sweet Shop kinda thing