Thursday, May 20, 2010

I jump out of bed in the morning....

No before you ask, I haven't found a magic potion.
Its one of Elliott's favourite songs from Playschool, and it has always driven me bonkers, but i had the lyrics in my head as i sat down at the computer.

"I jump out of bed in the morning, 
I hope its a very nice day"

Today had 'Bad Day' written all over it before the sun was even up!
Take one baby waking every hour, and mix in a two yr old crying at 4.30, waking the 1yr old, and you've got a very good recipe for one grumpy mummy! And boy was I!
Bronte may be our best baby in some regards, but Shes also given us some of the most sleepless nights, especially in the last month or so.

BUT, I realised not so long ago that something my high school teacher said is so so true.
"Smile before you get out of bed, It sets the tune for your whole day" 
And that's exactly what i painfully forced myself to do today.
Now I don't think a smile alone is going to ungrumpy this mummy for a whole day, but that and half a dozen coffees have a lot better chance of doing so than a frown does!

Elliott (who was also very grumpy this morning) and I agreed to be happy today, and that's exactly what we're going to try to do! We always find this easier if we have a visitor or go on an outing.
Today, having my girls playing happily together, and finally capturing a photo of Bronte standing by herself definitely helped!

What helps you to you 'be happy' on one of those days?


  1. so how was the day rated in the end??

  2. Pretty Good actually! I did alot of running around after ppl but the girls were good! (Until Tim told E she could have any more bikkies lol)