Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creating A Blog

 This is a blog about creating blogs, as since I posted my blog on Facebook, a couple of people have wanted to create their own, but have had trouble doing co. 
BTW, You dont have to be signed in to post a comment, just click the 'comment' button at the end of the post, and select anonymous. 

So here we go:

1.Creating a Blog

a) Go to:

b) Click the big organce button that says Create a blog.

c) Enter your details, and Pick Your Display Name.(Who do u want your post froms?)

d) Name your blog. and pick your (normally the same, if its available)

e) Choose a template: To start with, just pick one that looks ok to you. You can always change templates or personalise them later

f) Next, Write a post:
Anything really, perhaps start with an introduction of yourself, your family if u plan to include them in your posts (maybe nicknames if u prefer not to mention real names), and what you are all about...Hobbies, what you hope to blog about etc.

Thats it!

2. Navigating Your Way Around

The top right hand side of the screen has "Dashboard" link.
This is pretty much your homepage. This is where you can view posts, make new posts, edit your profile, etc

From there, its up to you.
You can edit your profile to include info about yourself and maybe a picture. These will be visible at the side of your Blog. (My profile picture is of my girls)

Writing a Post

On your dashboard, click New Post.

Title it,
and then write. Whatever you want to!!

When your ready, preview it, and click publish post.
Easy! And you can edit it later if you want, by clicking 'Edit Post' back at your dashboard.

Sharing Your Blog
When you're ready to start sharing your blog with the world, the URL that you typed in back in step 1d, Thats what you give people. 
It should be ""
If your not sure, comment on my blog when your signed in, and I'll tell you what it is. 
Any Questions??


  1. how do you get everything on one page, mine it has different pages, and I still can't post anything!

  2. ok, my url is

    I wrote a little bit of silliness, but I can't see it still, can you?

  3. I had a look, Says there are No Posts atm. Maybe try posting again?

  4. When I view my blog, it is very large and I have to scroll down & sideways to get a look at it all...but here in yours it is screen size! Do you know what I am doing wrong?