Monday, January 2, 2012

{Photo a Day Challenge] - YOU

Ok, so Me, really!
Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim is so full of great ideas lately (Social Media Secret Santa was her brain child also!) Her most recent idea was the 'Photo a Day' Challenge for the month of January.  I've decided to join her in this challenge, and Day 1 was particularly scary! I hate havign photos taken of myself - HATE IT! But my sister had her camera pointed in my direction for alot of yesterday, so in the end, i DID have a photo to post for yesterday, and here it is!

So this is me on 1st Jan 2012, having had barely any sleep the night before. We had welcomed in the new year with some close friends, enjoying my birthday dinner and games of cards. I'm still carrying a bit of 'baby fat' leftover from Mr P's pregnancy some 6.5months ago, which i hope to lose in the new year.
Chewing on my baby boys scrumptious cheek!

I also hope 2012 is a year of more conquering of fears (such as having my photo taken - i don't look half as bad as i always assume i will!) and stretching myself - getting out of my comfort zone!

Here's to 2012! 
May you kinder to the world, and those i love than 2011 was!

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  1. Just popped round from Fat mum slim, that's a great self portrait!
    wishing you a wonderful 2012 ♥