Saturday, August 27, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Older


Prompt word: Older.

Go HERE to get the details.  You write for 5 minutes.  Just write... without thinking or editing your words.  

 Older... my girls are getting older and i dont like it! I love that i am watching them grow  into wonderful little people, I love that they are more beautiful than i ever expected, and its wonderful but as they get older, they get closer to leaving me! 
Just the other day i was thinking about this! They go to daycare 2 days a week and i miss them the whole time they are gone! And before i know it Miss E will be at big school and then i will miss her for 5 days a week! thats not so long away!

And i am getting older..moving on from this last baby phase and onto...onto what? Well i guess we will all see soon enough! and that is exciting, but i still miss my babies, miss enjoying them when they are little, and watching them learn those first things. 

Its also exciting that as a couple we are getting older, more mature together. Its quite strange to remember back when we were first married, and compare that to now! Things have changed so much, and i guess that is the essence of what i think of when i think of 'Older' I think of Change, and how it makes me miss the way things were, but also how it is good and exciting!

Older.... i look forward to that! 


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