Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally Summer!

It seems the Summer Fairies have finally found their way here, and have brought long hot days with them!
While it means that the girls can spend longer in the afternoons outside, It does mean that at around Dinner time, its still too hot to feel like cooking or eating anything heavy!
I've been struggling to find easy light dinners to serve up to the girls on these summery evenings. (There is only so many nights that you can claim Toasted Cheese Sandwiches as being dinner!)

Some of the meals that i have found are great include:

*Wraps or tortillas. Nice and light, and healthy too! My little two like them toasted, as they stay together alot better for them!
*Toasted sandwiches and Smoothies. This is one way i can justify the sanwiches, and still be giving them something healthy! Just throw an apple, banana, carrot and some juice and milk/yoghurt into a blender and you're set!
*Mixed Dinner. This is a term i got from my mum. It pretty much means a little bit of a few different things like, cut up ham, cubes of cheese, nuts, sultanas, carrot sticks, etc. I like to give them to the girls in Muffin Tin, as they love them all separated out, and tend to eat alot more.

What summery dinners do you like to make? I'd love some suggestions!

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