Friday, July 23, 2010

Back , and At It!

On June 25th, My husband, Bronte and I headed off overseas on a Missions Tour with Directions Musical Theatre Co. (Tim's their lighting guy!) Since we were already getting the big girls looked after, and were going to be there, We decided to extend our stay in New Zealand, and have a little holiday!

Well to cut a long story short (but luckily not too much of our holiday), Tim broke his ankle (and dislocated it too!)  and ended up in the Rotorua Hospital awaiting surgery.

I had to head back as planned, to get back to our girls, but returned to NZ to help Tim when he was discharged from hospital.We finally returned home last weekend, and have been getting used to Daddy being at home, and not being very much help. However, Daddy is becoming quite the story reader! (What else is there to do when your stuck on the couch for most of the day?)

Its hard getting used to doing everything myself, and I have a new respect for Single Parents! But its also been good for the girls to have time with their dad, playing, reading and just being!

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  1. Hey! We got your parcel last week, thanks so much. We loved our items. I've blogged about it today: