Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Licence to Drive!

Now how many 22yr olds do you know who can't drive?
Well until i had kids, i didn't care less about driving, but now i couldn't be more excited!
My driving Test is booked in for Feb 11. That's 3 weeks away!!
I am so looking forward to being able to leave the house without a chaperone.
For instance, We NEED to go grocery shopping. Old Mother Hubbard style, but Hubby messaged about half an hour ago saying he'll be late home from work. Therefore, no food.
I WANT to try my hand at sewing, but every time i get inspired, i cant get to the shop to get the things i need, and then the interest wains.
I WANT/NEED to get the girls out of the house sometimes so they don't bounce of the walls like caged wild animals, but i cant walk to the park with all three, since Miss 2 only has little legs, and I'm yet to find a triple pram!

5 Things on my list to do when i can drive:
1. Take my girls to Books and Rhymes at the Library
2. Take my girls to the Park
3. Visit Grandma in Brisbane (might be a little way off)
4. Visit Oma
5. Go to spotlight (by myself when the girls are in bed)